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Schedule subject to change. For most up to date information, check schedule updates.

2018 Fall Session: Monday September 10 – Sunday December 23 (14 weeks)

Studio closed October 8-14, 2018. We are open on Remembrance Day.

MON 6:30–8amIndependent practice* 8–10amLevel 1-2-3 Louie $295 10:30am–12pmLevel 1-2 Cheryl $240       6–7:30pmLevel 1-2 Cheryl $240 7:30–9pmLevel 1 Cheryl $240
TUE     10–11:30am Gentle Patricia $240     3:30–5:30pmLevel 1-2-3 Louie $295 6–7:30pmLevel 1-2 Cheryl $240 7:30–9pmLevel 1 Terri $240
WED 6:30–8amIndependent practice* 8–9:30amLevel 1-2 Patricia $240 10am–12pmLevel 2-3 Louie $295 12:15–1:45pm Gentle Alisen $240     5:30–7:30pmLevel 1-2-3 Louie $295 7:30–9pmLevel 1-2 Morgan $240
THU   8–10amLevel 1-2-3 Linda $295 10:30am–12pmLevel 1-2 Alisen $240 12:30–2pmLevel 1-2 Franklin $240   4–5:30pmPranayama
Level 1-2-3
Louie $240
5:30–7:30pmLevel 1-2-3 Louie $295 7:30–9pmLevel 1-2 Cheryl $240
FRI 6:30–8amIndependent practice*   9:30–11:30amLevel 1-2-3 Luci $295 1–4 pm
Going Deeper
(Nov 16, Dec 7)
1–4 pm
Pune Practice
(Oct 5, Nov 9, Dec 14)
1–5 pm
Teacher Training
(Sep 21, Oct 26, Nov 23)
6–7:30pmLevel 1-2 Morgan $240  
SAT     10–11:30amLevel 1-2 Morgan $240 11:30am–1pm Level 1-2-3 Morgan $240   3:30–6pm
(Oct 6, Oct 27, Nov 17, Dec 1)
Yoga Philosophy
(Nov 3, Dec 8)
SUN     9:30–11amLevel 1-2 Jason $240 11:30am–1pmLevel 1-2 Luci $240   3:15–4:45pmLevel 1 Jason $240 5–7pmLevel 1-2-3 Luci $295 7:30–9pmLevel 1 Bibigul $240

* Free for registered students, by appointment

Schedule subject to modifications. Check this site for the most up-to-date schedule.


Our classes run in seasonal sessions of approximately three months (Fall 2018=14 weeks). For the best learning experience, we encourage students to register for one weekly class (or more) and attend at that time consistently during the session.

Benefits of sessional registration: lowest price per class; access to 6:30 am Independent Practice; discount on drop-ins to additional classes; and a progressive, structured learning experience.

Missed Classes can be made up only within the same session, before December 23, 2018. Students are encouraged to make up classes with their regular teacher. If this is not possible, classes can be made up with other teachers in an appropriate level class.

Your Fall 2018 registration and any pre-purchased Fall drop-ins will expire on December 23, 2018. No Refunds.

Schedule Updates

Wednesday 3:30-5pm and Sunday 1:15-2:45pm cancelled

Saturday Workshops

Oct 6, Oct 27, Nov 17, Dec 1 at 3:30-6:00pm. Fee: $30 (all pre-purchased workshops expire at the end of 2018). For details, see “Saturday Workshops”.

Going Deeper

A monthly 3-hour class for students who are registered in weekly Iyengar yoga classes and who are interested in exploring the practice more deeply. Students need to be stable in sirsasana (headstand at wall acceptable) and sarvangasana (adapted shoulderstand acceptable). Fall Friday dates: Nov 16, Dec 7 at 1-4pm. Fee: $35.

40 day winter Sadhana ("practice")

Monday November 12 – Friday December 21, 2018

Louie Ettling will lead an all-level early morning practice on Monday-Friday, at 6:30-8:00 am. The goal of the Sadhana is to distill and develop a daily and independent home practice. Louie will give suggestions for what to do at home on the weekends. The Sadhana is open to all students registered in classes at The Yoga Space. If you have not done a Sadhana or retreat with Louie before, or if you are not currently registered at The Yoga Space, you might still be able to participate, but please contact us before registering. Fee $200.


Pranayama is the study of the breath and the way it enhances our life force. All Iyengar yoga students work with the breath as an integral part of the body and its movement, and our teachers focus on breath studies on a regular basis. The dedicated pranayama class (Thursday) is appropriate for students enrolled in any regular class who want to develop more breath awareness toward a pranayama practice.

Pune Practice (for Iyengar teachers and trainees)

Similar to the daily practice at RIMYI in India, participants will delve into their own practice in the company of other teachers. Louie and/or Linda will be in attendance. Fall dates: Oct 5, Nov 9, Dec 14 at 1-4pm. Fee: by donation.

Teacher Training

The Yoga Space runs an Introductory Teacher Training program and ongoing teacher training upgrading opportunities for certified teachers. For information, contact The Yoga Space.