About The Yoga Space

shoulderstand inversion

The Yoga Space is a bright, open and spacious exclusively Iyengar yoga studio. The studio’s solid, clean lines instill feelings of groundedness, expansiveness and peace. We have classes for beginners, intermediate and advanced students, and for students of all ages and abilities. More information about our classes is here.

Iyengar yoga is a clear and precise system of yoga in which the students receive individual attention and develop their practice in a progressive and systematic manner. Iyengar yoga is both accessible and challenging. Students are encouraged to work at their level of ability in a safe and supported manner. More information about Iyengar yoga is here.

Our Iyengar teachers are compassionate, engaging and highly-trained yoga teachers, having all participated in an internationally-recognized teacher training program. Check out our teachers here.

Our diverse community has been an integral part of the studio since its inception in 1998. Together, our teachers and students have created an inclusive and supportive practice and learning environment.

Come try us out and experience the Iyengar yoga difference.

Deepen your practice, balance your life.